Boost your staff

Training Institute for top quality domestic staff and yacht crew.

Perlerare has created Perlerare Excellence, its own training facility labellized by the IPERIA Institute, to train your staff. We offer tailored training courses for private properties, upscale hotels and yachts. Our training take place in our school but also in private homes on demand. Our goal is always to guide towards Excellence and to help your staff to exceed their potential. We operate in France and abroad. 

Guide your staff towards Excellence!

  • Tailored trainings

    Complementary skills
    for your staff
  • Carrier oversight

    Give your employees
    the chance to evolve
    in their position
  • Recruitment support

    Give a chance 
    to candidates 
    who have been trained!

Tell us your needs!

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You would like to train your employee for a position of:
Thanks to this program, your employee will be able to:
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To perfect a particular skill:
After the training program, you plan to assign your employee:
 To new tasks
 To a managing position
The payment of the training course will be done by:
Would you like "Perlerare" to guarantee the replacement of your employee during his/her training period?
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In the event that you would like to provide your employee a specialised training, do you have accommodation to host the trainer?
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