Recruitment and training of nanny

Are you looking for a full-time Nanny to look after your children? Have been considering to change your professional career or to upgrade your skills ? Perlerare recruits and trains nannies to place them in private households in France and abroad. Our job offers are mostly live-in nanny positions except in larger cities such as Paris, Lyon or Saint-Tropez.

A nanny is in charge to provide childcare and to look after a family's children. She may also be requested to do a certain amount of domestic chores and home cooking. As a training institute and a recruitement office, Perlerare offers long-term contract positions and seasonal jobs in private houseolds. We are looking for qualified nannies but if you are unxperienced, a nanny training session will be held at Perlerare Excellence Institute.
Besides basic expertise for this position, a full-time Nanny in private households must have a whole dedication to services and customers and a great availability and flexibility in the organisation of working.

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Have you ever been employed as a nanny or worked in a quite similar position? Do you want to follow a special training to work full-time as a nanny for one family? Perlerare Excellence offers a training that combines early childhood's practical and psychological aspects to provide a suitable environment and childcare at work.
Specific courses with qualified and expert teacher in early childhoond will be given to complete the basic and fundamental knowledges a nanny must have before starting to work in private households.


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