Recruitment and training of butler

Would you like to hire a Butler? Have you been lately considering to change your professional career or to upgrade your skills and work for a private employer?

A professionnal butler dedicates his entire work to his employer. His main roles are to oversee and manage in a perfect way his emloyer's requirements. A butler is able to ensure the highest standard service table, to plan and manage his employer's business travels and even pack personal belongings. He is aware that his position requires an extreme geograpical flexibility because you can be asked to travel when needed.

As a training institute and a recruitment office, Perlerare offers long-term contracts and seasonnal jobs in private households. We are looking for suitable qualified candidates but if you are unexperienced, you can follow our butler training session: more than two-thirds of our trainees have a permanent work six months after their formation.
Besides basic expertise for this position, a full-time butler in private households must have a whole dedication to services and customers and a great availability and flexibility in the organisation of working.

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If you want to enhance your first experience as a butler in private households or in luxury hotels, come and upgrade your skills with a private employer. During our sessions, our qualified teachers will give you the essential knowledge of the profession. Perlerare welcomes you for more than three weeks in its apartments: you will learn the fundamentals and put them into practice: manners, oenology, flower arranging, table services and the management of a private household.


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