Our trainees in a sumptuous private household!



Johanna Wikberg-Durtardre CEO and founder of Perlerare, and the Housekeeper Promotion had the honor to visit a sumptuous private household. Our formation includes a “valuable items” unit to get a practical experience. Therefore, to foresee a professionnal career, they were invited to visit a sumptuous private household. Thank you to the owner for letting us come in!

Specialized in high profile domestic staff and yacht crew, we offer throughout the year a large range of positions in France and in other parts of the world. In our own Perlerare Excellence school, those who want to enhance their professional skills or those who are willing to apply for positions in bespoke private households, can follow our special training courses:
-Private personal assistant
-Governess/Butler in private household
-Housekeeper in private household - Caretake
-Housemaid in Luxury hostel
They are tailored to positions such as butler, governess, childminder, nanny, housekeeper, couple of caretakers, private chef, steward, gardener, and other domestic positions. Some of our trainings have the French IPERIA label and the quality of our professional education has been approved by homes of the highest standard.  Perlerare also offers event planning services, property management, and tailored concierge services.

Perlerare, cultivating Excellence

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