Estate management

Are you looking for a reliable attendant for your property ? Perlerare assists you in the day to day upkeeping of your property and sorts out administrative matters. We can also help you manage and train your domestic staff when you are gone. Upon request, our team will put you in touch with professionals and sent you their quotations for approval. Then we Check that the ordered works are carried out according to your instructions. We will visit your property regularly, hand in reports, and send pictures.

Rely on Perlerare !

  • Property report

    Let Perlerare prepare your luxury rentals!
  • Private concierge services

    A personalized "Meet and Greet" and on call services
  • Luxury rentals

    Perlerare is looking for properties to rent for their clientele.

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 A property report
 Organization of a stay
 On-call concierge services
 Meet and greet services
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